• Our “Fine Dining” program consists of a lunch which is served to the children as the highest form of “Dramatic Play.” Proper table settings, social graces, decorum and exquisite manners (example: boys seating girls) expose the children to the forgotten “art” of etiquette, teaching respectful behavior and self-control ultimately preparing them for life.

    • Chappell’s “Teddy-Bear Tea” is a delightful program typified by high tea served with all the child-sized accoutrements at the child’s level. Teddy bears are cordially invited!

    • Chappell’s ongoing artistic emphasis classifies our classrooms and developmental areas by names of the world’s most famous artists. Additionally, we teach our students music history with an emphasis on the classical period.

    • Chappell is a “green” environment. As part of this program, students participate in gardening projects -growing fruits and vegetables.

    • In addition to enjoying healthy foods, Chappell is also committed to fresh air and exercise on our playgrounds at each school.