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Technical Support

Username and Password

If you have already submitted your completed authorization form, but are having trouble logging into see your child, there could be an issue with your username and password. The KidsVision Web Camera System will notify you three times of an incorrect username and password combination. After the third notice, the system will show a warning message to let you know that you do not have access. KidsVision support technicians can verify the approval of your username, but they are not authorized to make any changes to your account and camera permissions. You should contact a Chappell Schools Administrator to reset your username or password, or to make any changes to your account.

Additional Support

If your username and password are correct and working, but you need further assistance, call KidsVision toll free at 1.888.Kids.Vsn (888.543.7876) to speak to a live representative. You can also submit a support request form or email KidsVision at A KidsVision Support Technician will respond promptly to any to any technical issues you may experience.

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