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I love Chappell North Campus. In the mornings, Ms. Andrea always steps in to help me with the child who gives me a run for my money every morning. She has such a motherly and nurturing spirit about her, and the kids respect and know what she expects from them and they follow suit. I also love how my son’s teacher, Ms. Cortney, is always right on top of things with my child’s development and keeps her parents updated with her concerns as well as when they are making progress. She has a nurturing and loving spirit and treats her kids like they are her own. I love the teachers at Chappell North and I’m glad I took my baby out of his previous daycare and brought him to a place where the love is felt and they are really teaching.

Serena, North Campus Parent

I am writing in regards to Shawn Oliver and the quality of care we receive at Kent. My husband and I have two older children who are basically grown. We now have a baby girl and couldn’t be happier. When we learned we needed to put her in childcare we were nervous. After visiting Chappell several times and meeting Ms. Shawn, we were much more comfortable.

Since we started in October, we have come to love it and the care Ms. Shawn provides. She knows our daughter very well and always greets us with a big smile. She is a partner in her care, not someone who watches her during the day. We receive regular updates as to what she has done throughout the day – things she is saying and doing. Before she could say many words, we taught her sign language which Ms. Shawn supported!!

Every morning when we wake up, I ask G if she is ready to get dressed to go see Ms. Shawn. Even when she is grumpy, she answers “uh-huh” and nods her head. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Shawn as a care provider to friends or relatives. I feel we are lucky to have had her for our daughter’s first preschool experience.

Katherine, Kent Parent

I have had my children at Chappell since 2009 and have recommended it to everyone I know who needs childcare. It is fantastic: clean, loving, stimulating, dependable and fun. I could not ask for more in a daycare facility. Thank you for everything. You and your staff have been amazing. The boys will be really sad to leave Shyleetra and all their former teachers. But they are excited to join the ranks of the ‘big boys’. All our best to you and your lovely staff, who really are like family.

Tannahill, Riverside Parent

I just wanted to say that we were extremely impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the VPK Fine Dining Extravaganza. Thank you so much for your time and energy that went into making the event special and memorable for the students and parents. My son (Willie) as well as the other students were so proud and majestic in their presentation, you could just see the honor they felt and enjoyed.

As a parent I applaud the efforts of you and the school to look at the whole child and provide experiences that not only lend to academic success but to increase social skills and knowledge.
Again, kudos to you and the entire staff for a job well done!!

Crystalene, FSCJ Downtown Parent

I am amazed at how much my four-year-old son, Adrian, has learned at Chappell’s FSCJ Downtown campus during his first year. He is spelling words like “elephant” and “giraffe”. He can count to 50 and loves reading. During dinner time at home, he wants to practice the fine dining etiquette he has learned at Chappell. Thanks, Chappell staff, particularly Ms. Jocelyn and Ms. Jay, for all you do!

Whitney, Downtown Parent

Alma, thank you for your patience, time and dedication. Most importantly, thank you for an amazing year. Your love and passion for teaching can be seen in the love your class has for you. I want to especially thank you for being such an exceptional role model for Estella and all the young girls in your class. Thank you for being you and for letting Estella be her hulk, pirate, warrior and princess-self. There is nothing more any parent could ask for in a teacher, but to love their student, encourage them to learn and be themselves. Chappell may have found a teacher in you, but Estella found a hero in you!

Julia, Deerwood Parent

t is with great sadness that I give our two week notice to Chappell. Noah’s last day will be June 5. Our children have attended Chappell since January, 2009, and we have enjoyed the care our children have received over the past six and one half years. The staff is like family to us and our children, and we will miss seeing you all each day. Thank you for being a part of their lives and helping them grow from newborns to preschoolers, and preparing them well for school.

Elizabeth, Riverside Parent

I have never been happier with the care my children have received. Knowing they are in good hands and that they are in an active learning environment is very reassuring at times when I cannot be with them. So much so, in fact, that although most of my classes will be at Kent next term, I do not plan to move my children. I know all too well how rare it is to find a facility that fits and leaves parents with day-long peace of mind.

Tiffany, FSCJ North Parent

Ms. Shawn is a very organized director. Things are always clean. She is always able to answer every question and help with things. She greets every child individually – and their parents – which I love because my child is very shy. The things she is learning in school, she comes home and teaches us! I am definitely keeping my Child here at Chappell South with Ms. Shawn until we go to Kindergarten!

Sabrina, South Parent

I just wanted to let you know about Judah’s transition to Kindergarten. He has adjusted extremely easily and absolutely loves it. I honestly believe it’s because he’s been so well prepared by Chappell. His teachers are impressed with his number and letter formation, as well as his sight word recognition – they even asked me where he went to VPK! Additionally, we have watched him mature into a very independent and knowledge-seeking five year old. I’m such a firm believer in the Chappell curriculum that my husband and I sing it’s praises every chance we get. My two younger sons will never attend another daycare/VPK because we are so happy with the teachers, curriculum and overall environment of the Chappell School in Riverside.

The Jacobs, Riverside Parents

We are very sad to leave and have loved every moment at this daycare. Liam has grown so much since he has been here it’s like a second home and a second family. We wish we could take the staff with us to Gainesville. It has always been an enjoyable experience and we sincerely appreciate all that the staff have done for us.

Megan, Riverside Campus Parent

I just wanted to give you ladies a compliment. Every morning I show up and am greeted ever so nicely by your staff, it is warming and makes my family feel very welcome. Violet has only been coming to your school just over two months now, but we feel the love from your staff already, so thank you! One staff member, Brenn is OUTSTANDING!! Every morning she helps Violet use the bathroom and gives me a full report on how she is doing while potty training. She is always positive and very caring for all the children but honestly without Brenn I don’t think my daughter would be this advanced in potty training. Brenn goes the extra mile with all of the toddlers and I don’t want it to go unnoticed. I am so thankful for Brenn!

Heather, Riverside Parent

We had our first parent teacher conference at Kindergarten this morning. Myles is noted to be in the “high” group. He’s one of only a few who can count to 50. He can solve advanced math and reasoning problems. He was even noted to have one of the neatest handwriting. Although his writing has improved, I laughed at the last comment! Thanks to Chappell for supporting us keeping him ahead of the learning curve!

Aiken, FSCJ North Parent