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Chappell Equips Children For Life

Find out how your child can learn from an early age skills that will carry them through adulthood

    Why Chappell

    A Message from our CEO

    You want the safest, most nurturing educational experience for your precious child. Chappell provides that experience.

    We listen to you, your ideas and feedback for our centers. In fact, the “contact us” feature on this website comes directly to my desk. We want your work day to be free from worry about your child and your drop-off and pick-up experience to be a fun time to learn about your child’s day.

    Chappell’s customer satisfaction scores (we measure twice a year) are off the charts with 99% of our parents so delighted with our service that they would recommend Chappell to others. We constantly try to improve our processes to improve our parent satisfaction.

    This website tells you about our curriculum, our philosophy and our focus on art and manners. However, what’s really important is your child’s safety, confidence and development. Chappell cares about your child. Your child is not a “job” to our employees – your child is our “heart.”
    Nancy Dreicer, CEO
    904.739.1279, x210

    “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.”

    Anonymous • Quote of the Day

    “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

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