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Kent is the smallest of the Chappell centers, holding only 20 students. Kent is tucked on the Kent campus near the community gardens. Open Monday through Friday, Kent offers children ages 1 to 4 very individualized instruction. Children ready for VPK are transferred to Chappell Riverside for VPK classes.
DCF License #C04DU0091

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Syreeta Kerse – Director, Chappell FSCJ Kent Campus

My name is Syreeta, I am a mother of three, two teenagers and a three month old!

I am new to the Chappell family, I have been in child care for approximately nine years,  I started out volunteering when my daughter entered preschool, and during that time I fell in love and knew my calling was in child care! I started out as a toddler teacher, but have worked in every facet of the business since I started. I currently hold a National CDA , Directors Credential and working towards my Bachelors Degree. I love the innocent minds of our children and how they absorb knowledge – like a sponge  -which makes my job that much more enjoyable! There is never a dull moment in child care! I believe that children can learn and achieve anything as long as you make learning interesting to them. When you enter Kent campus, to your eye it may look as if were only playing, but I guarantee we are learning! There is a learning opportunity everywhere! Feel free to stop in and take a tour, I look forward to assisting you!

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