Improve Your Family’s Lifestyle with These New Year’s Resolutions

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As 2016 ends, are you busy thinking about making some 2017 resolutions to improve your family’s lifestyle?  Do you want less chaos and disagreements in your home? Want a better work/life balance so you can spend more quality time with your family? As the parent of preschoolers, here are a few you might consider:

Resolve to Improve Your Family’s Lifestyle

  1. Focus more on your child’s positive behaviors instead of the negative ones.

When you see your child doing something good, compliment him. This will build up his self-esteem and encourage him to continue doing things he knows you want him to do.

  1. Carve out more quality time to spend as a family.

The hustle and bustle of family life coupled with your work life can sometimes mean less time together eating meals, playing a family game, or reading to your children. Resolve that in 2017, you will have at least two shared family mealtimes a week and a weekend a month strictly for family activities together. Doing these things will strengthen your family bond and help you all get along better.

  1. Do not get involved in your children’s fights.

Let them work things out as much as possible on their own. They ‘ll learn how to resolve conflicts and realize that you aren’t going to always be the referee.  If possible, leave the room when they start to argue and let them settle their dispute.

  1. Identify your most challenging times of the day.

Is it getting ready and out the door in the morning, or mealtime chaos, or bedtime battles with your kids? Create a plan to survive those stressful times.  Get organized so things run more smoothly at these difficult times of the day. If your kids are slow to get ready in the morning, get them up a little earlier and have their clothes ready to dress them the night before.  Schedule what each night’s meal will be over the weekend and make sure you have the ingredients available. During the week, simplify cooking as much as possible. Perhaps one night a week could be take-out – a pizza and a salad – no cooking and very little clean -up involved.

  1. Make sure that you include some time to yourself each week.

Hire a sitter or solicit the help of your relatives so you and your partner can go out to dinner one night.  Change your household routine. Designate certain times for cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Schedule some time where you can just “chill out”.

  1. Don’t give into your child’s temper tantrums.

When your child throws a temper tantrum, he is trying to blackmail you to give into his demands.  If you are at home when this happens, leave the room. Ignore his ranting and raving and he’ll soon realize that this behavior won’t affect your decision.


Be realistic and choose one or two of these new year’s resolutions to improve your family’s lifestyle.  Nobody said parenting was easy.  In fact, it’s probably the hardest job. Is there a resolution you are going to make to improve your family’s lifestyle that’s not on this list?

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