Easy Grocery Store Learning Activities for Your Preschooler

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Did you know that your weekly trip to the grocery store can help strengthen basic skills your young child is learning at Chappell Schools? There are opportunities to reinforce number, letter, and word recognition; color identification; comparisons; shape recognition; as well as counting. Your child can also learn new words which you can mention each time you return to the grocery store.

The next time you’re food shopping with your child, try some of these easy grocery store learning activities for your preschooler. Plan your trip after a meal or snack so he won’t be hungry and fussing for food. You‘ll find you actually look forward to taking your little one with you to the supermarket.

Grocery Store Learning Activities for Your Preschooler


Ask your child to look for a specific letter in the grocery store. See how many times she can find it and point it out to you. “Can you find a cereal box with the letter ‘C’?”

Ask what sound the letter “C” makes.

Ask, “Can you name a piece of fruit that begins with the letter ‘B’?” as you are strolling through the produce aisle.

Introduce your child to a new word by pointing out a piece of fruit he may not be familiar with such as a “pomegranate”. See if your child can tell you what letter “pomegranate” begins with.

Have your child point out a piece of fruit that is round in shape.

“Can you point to a vegetable that is red?”

Compare sizes. “Can you find a big bag of cookies? Now find a bigger bag of cookies. Which is the biggest bag of cookies you see?“

“Can you find a letter that’s in your name in this grocery store?”

“Let’s count the number of aisles in the grocery store.”

“Can you put 4 tomatoes in this bag for me and count them as you do?”

“Can you find the number “2” in the store?”

“Can you guess the next item I am going to place in our shopping cart? Listen to the clues.”

“How many items are in our shopping cart?”

Make a shopping list for your child using pictures of items you will be purchasing. Have your child check off the item as you or he puts it into the cart. Here is a downloadable grocery list you may want to use.

Using these easy grocery store learning activities for your preschooler will make your trip to the supermarket with your young child a fun and educational experience for both of you.

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