Upon the death of Mrs. Chappell in 1979, her daughter, Katheryne Chappell Drennon, became President and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. about-picShe devoted all efforts to the creation and maintenance of state-of-the-art child development centers which included well-planned expansion focusing on the acquisition of management contracts and existing centers as well as the design and construction of new centers. One of these child development centers has received national acclaim; Chappell Deerwood, built in 1984 was the first privately owned, free standing, non-subsidized child development center in an Office Park setting in the United States. Today, Chappell boasts a third generational continuum with Mrs. Drennon’s daughter, Lynne’ Chappell Tialios serving as an advisor to the Board. Mr. Gianni Arcaini is the Chairman of the Chappell Board of Directors and Mrs. Nancy Dreicer is the current President and CEO.

Through the years Chappell has operated 13 centers located in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Houston, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; Tallahassee, Florida and Hilliard, Florida under the auspices of Federal and State Governments and colleges as well as Fortune 500 companies. Currently Chappell owns and/or manages 8 centers.

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