10 Most Effective Parenting Practices to Improve Your Child’s Life

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Are you on information-overload when it comes to effective parenting practices?  Is Dr. Phil telling you that time-out is absolutely necessary to curb bad behavior in your child while another expert feels it’s too harsh?

At a recent American Psychological Association meeting, University of California-San Diego Professor, Robert Epstein, and his assistant, attending student, Shannon Fox, presented the findings of their study about the 10 most effective parenting practices.

They inspected data from over 2,000 parents, reviewed hundreds of research studies on good parenting skills, and worked with other experts to confirm and rank the 10 Most Effective Parenting Practices in order of importance. Here are their findings:

Most Effective Parenting Practices That Enable Children to Thrive


1. Love and Affection

You accept and support your child by being physically affectionate and spending quality one-on-one time together.

2. Stress Management

You are proactive about handling stress for yourself and your little one by practicing methods of relaxation.  You maintain a positive outlook on events.

3. Relationship Skills

You sustain a healthy relationship with your spouse or co-parent and practice effective relationship skills with others.  Your child learns to model your behavior in his interactions with other people.

4. Autonomy and Independence

You show respect for your child and encourage self-reliance to build his self-confidence.

5. Education and Learning

You create an environment of learning for your child promoting his open-mindedness.

6. Life Skills

You ensure your child has the essentials for a healthy and happy development and you plan for his future.

7. Behavior Management

You use positive reinforcement to shape good behavior and resort to punishment only when that does not change the bad behavior.

8. Health

You serve as a role model for your child by living a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and proper nutrition.

9. Religion/ Spirituality

You help develop your child’s spiritual side by incorporating regular participation in spiritual or religious activities into his lifestyle and yours.

10. Safety

You maintain awareness of your child’s activities, whereabouts, and friends to keep him safe.

Expectations of These Effective Parenting Practices


By implementing these 10 effective parenting practices you should expect:

  • Elimination of spanking, time-outs and grounding;

  • Learning positive techniques to help you make temper tantrums history;

  • A parenting style that is practical and produces positive results;

  • A parenting style you can use for all stages of your child’s development;

  • Children who are responsible, cooperative, and happy;

  • A positive and loving relationship with your child;

  • The ability to raise children who become self-reliant adults able to cope in the world.


As you can see from these 10 effective parenting practices,  how you interact with your child and how you conduct yourself affect your child’s development. Building a stong, loving relationship with your little one is critical to his ability to thrive and survive in our world today. For more information on parenting skills, check out  Hand In Hand Parenting , an online resource offering parenting support, classes, and literature.

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